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Get access to a variety of loan products to help increase your leverage, returns, deal size, deal quantity, and depreciation to be shared while easing capital-raising efforts.

Senior Debt

Revival Capital Solutions maintains relationships with over 900 private and institutional capital providers, suitable for a broad variety of transactions and relationships. 

We source debt from local, regional, and national individuals and institutions based on the structure of the loan request, region of the country and product type of the collateral. While the majority of our relationships are institutional and prefer larger transactions, we also work with smaller national and local capital to customize transactions for the best possible execution.

Our value proposition extends into negotiations and loan structuring. Our services include modeling cash flow; both actual and proforma, while assisting our clients to determine the most advantageous cash flow structure for the evolution of their commercial investment. 

Preferred Equity

Preferred Equity is an equity investment in an entity where the holder is entitled to preferred dividends, distributions, payments, or returns relative to the other equity owners.

The purpose of preferred equity in commercial real estate is to help the deal sponsor by decreasing the common equity needed at the top of the capital stack. This often reduces the overall cost of capital and thereby increasing investor and sponsor returns. In addition, since it’s much like debt, the providers are unable to participate in the depreciation thereby giving a higher percentage of the depreciation to the sponsors and investors.

Revival Capital Solutions is well-versed in the financial engineering knowledge needed to properly structure the art form of preferred equity. We can arrange financing to accommodate a variety of needs and leverage structures.

Mezzanine Debt

Mezzanine debt (also called subordinate debt) is a structured financing product used to increase leverage. It is generally higher risk than senior debt, and therefore demands higher returns.

Mezzanine financing is ultimately a way for companies to grow faster than they could otherwise on a senior basis alone.


Revival Capital Solutions maintains relationships with hundreds of equity investors through our participation in real estate syndications. We typically source transactional equity for specific real estate projects, but also raise capital for discretionary funds.

Our value proposition extends into negotiations and structuring. Our services include modeling of equity investments and determining investor IRRs based on various waterfall scenarios. We can also help you find deal sponsors, asset managers, and other professionals to help ensure your success. 

The Client Process

How It Works

Getting started is easy! Set up a call with us to discuss your unique financing needs. We’ll come up with a game plan tailored to your situation once we speak.


Inquiry Call

We discuss your unique situation and go over next steps.


Send Documents

Send us your documents via our secure portal and we analyze and secure the right financing options for you.


INK Your Financing

After you review and choose your options, our team will secure your official term sheets/LOI’s.

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For senior debt, we focus on multifamily and self storage deals of $1M+ and $5M+ for all other asset classes

Always be conservative when analyzing a property.  If you use your worst-case scenarios, you can avoid issues further down the road.  Keep in mind, your rate is not locked, and you are subject to rate fluctuations.  Also keep in mind your budget and expenses.  The budget will need to be in-line with market or the lender will adjust to market expenses.

If you are analyzing a property for an agency loan, use in-place income and proforma expenses.  Only when you are analyzing a property for a bridge loan will you use proforma income and proforma expenses.

Do not forget your tax increase!  Deals have fallen apart because the investor did not analyze the proper projected tax number.  When you acquire a property, the property taxes will most likely increase based on the new purchase price, so you want to make sure you are using a good projection.  We always suggest you consult a tax professional for help.

Liquidity requirements are 1:1 net worth to loan amount and 10% post-closing liquidity.  Keep this in mind as you choose your partners.

Remember 90 for 90!  A property is considered stabilized after it has maintained 90% occupancy for 90-days.  There are some nuances to this, but this is a rule of thumb.

Give yourself enough time in the contract!  Make sure you have enough time for due diligence as well as enough time for closing.  Typically for bridge loans, we need 30 days or less.  For agency debt, we need 45-60 days.

Closing a deal is a team sport!  Always remember to be responsive and get your requested documents in expeditiously. 

Sending us a deal to analyze?  We need the OM (if available), updated TTM (Trailing 12 Month), updated rent roll, and your analysis.  We realize all these items are not always available, send us what you have and we will let you know if we can underwrite it or if we’ll need additional information.